Escola de Bordils

How we trace the map of Bordils




-         A tap measure

-         A big wall paper

-         A pencil

-         A rubber

-         A pencil sharpener

-         Felt-tips

-         Crayons

-         An opaque projector

-         A map of Bordils

-         Drawing pins

-         A ruler

-         Scissors

-         Blue ribbon.



  1. First we measured the cork wall. It measured 2 m 80 cm high and 3 m 40 cm wide.

  1. We drew the cork wall on a squared A-4 paper using the scale 1:20. That means that 1 cm on the map represents 20 cm of the cork wall.

  1. We decided where we would place the map and we agreed that the best place was in the middle.
  2. Two pupils calculated the centre of the cork wall. Meanwhile the rest cut two pieces of paper.

  1. We stack the paper on the cork wall and we decorated it using a blue ribbon as a framework on the edge.
  2. Using an opaque projector we projected the map of Bordils and we drew up all the lines and words that appeared on the wall map.

  1. We retraced the lines using felt-tips and we coloured it using crayons, felt-tips and wax colours.





  1. And this is the result: